Meet Alea Milham: LA Speaker for SoFabUOTR

We thought it might be fun to do a little Q&A session with our speaker for the LA SoFabU On the Road conference. We know Alea Milham’s site and bio, but here is an even deeper look into what she’s all about!

Alea Milham

1. What made you want to speak at SoFabU OTR?
I wanted to speak at SoFabU OTR because I sincerely appreciated the transparent speakers at the previous SoFabCon conferences and wanted to pay it forward. I like walking away from a class with actionable skills and want attendees to walk away from my session with a plan and the skills to implement it.
I have a very hands on teaching style. If someone emails me for help, 9 times out of 10, I say “lets jump on a Google hangout, so we can screen share and I will show you how to do it”. Being able to share my knowledge in a hands on environment appealed to me.
2. From your background, what do you see that you have to offer other bloggers?
I have made every mistake a blogger can make and a few that most people haven’t even thought of. Fortunately, I have learned from my mistakes and I can share not only what to avoid, but how to recover with other bloggers who have made some of the same mistakes. Despite my rough start and some self-imposed barriers, I was able to clean up that old content, form an action plan, and turn my little hobby blog into a site that provides me with a full-time income.
3. If you could give one top tip to bloggers (without giving away everything you are going to talk about during the conference), what would it be?
Can I give more than one?
Name Your Images (I need to put that in bold!) – Name each image with keywords when you save it after editing it. Fill out the Image Title and Alternate Text with Keywords when you add it to a post. Don’t stuff it with keywords; just write one natural phrase that includes key words.
If you haven’t already, verify Your Website through Google Webmaster Tools. You need to know what keywords people are using to find your site and what keywords you rank for to evaluate if your SEO strategy is effective.
Create unique messaging for each social media platform you use. The users of each platform have a unique way of communicating on it. To tap into that platform as a potential traffic source, you need to use their lingo and style.
4. What is your favorite thing about working with bloggers and blogging in general?
I love how open and willing bloggers are to share. What other industry do you know of where businesses help promote each other and share tips to help each other grow?
My favorite part of blogging is working from home. Instead of breaking through the glass ceiling, bloggers have broken out of the building! It is nice to work with brands that recognize that work-at-home moms have unique talents and valuable skills.
5. What are you most excited about when thinking about speaking at the conference?
In this high-tech world it is still nice to be able to meet with people face to face and put a voice to their written words. I love hearing what LOL sounds like IRL!

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