Müller Announced as the National Breakfast Sponsor

There’s no better way to start off a conference morning right, than with the delicious and nutritious taste of Müller yogurt. We are excited to let conference attendees know that Müller is the National Breakfast Sponsor for the SoFabU on The Road conference series this year. That means every conference in every city will get Müller breakfast goodies to start off their conference day right. The best tasting yogurt for our amazing conference attendees!


About Müller:

“For more than a century, the goodness of rich and creamy Müller® yogurt has been enjoyed by families all over Europe.

The Theo Müller Group and PepsiCo formed the Muller Quaker Dairy joint venture to provide great-tasting Müller yogurt to consumers in the U.S. Since introducing Müller yogurt to the U.S. in July 2012, the response to our delicious product offerings has been tremendous.

Our focus is unwavering – delight consumers with the best tasting yogurt. We are inventing new, textures, forms and flavor combinations for the American consumer. Muller Quaker Dairy is consistently focused on innovation and increasing the depth of offerings for consumers. We will continue to explore and deliver delicious combinations, while providing irresistible products that satisfy consumer’s desire for great tasting food that they can still feel good about eating.” ~ From http://www.mullerquaker.com/our-story

Read more about Müller on their site. And follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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