SoFabU On the Road LA – Not Your Typical Blogging Conference

SoFabU On the Road in Los Angeles promises a full day of forward-thinking actionable sessions, expert speaker/instructors sharing first-hand knowledge, and a fun networking event that will not disappoint. If your goal is to become a faster, better, and stronger blogger, we have amazing hands-on workshops that will expand your skill set and help you get there.

Bonus: SoFab Community Team Managers will be there to answer all your questions.

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Session 1: How to Strategically Use SEO and Social Media to Increase Traffic and Income by Alea Milham

In this session, Alea Milham will share tips to help you create a growth strategy aligned to your goals for your blog. Alea will show you how to quickly and efficiently optimize your posts for SEO as you write them. She will share ways to optimize your site for ads and organically monetize your posts. Lastly, she will be sharing tips for integrating your social media strategy into the post creation process. While in the session, attendees will optimize a post on their site, so be sure to bring your laptop computer with you. Since Alea intends to cover a lot of material in this 2 hour session, she will provide you with a list of items to do prior to attending the class so that you arrive prepared to get the most from this session.

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Session 2: Using Canva to Create Graphics and Images To Optimize Your Content by Sarah Mock

We all know that we live in a visual world. Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are all clamoring for our eyes and our clicks. Why not have those clicks go to YOUR content!? Sarah will walk you through a hands-on class to optimize Canva for your fabulous content. Canva is the website that makes creating graphics and images EASY for the technologically challenged. But did you know that Canva has a ‘Canva For Work’ option? It does! What could possibly be worth $12 a month? Sarah will show you and share how this investment has made her work flow much more smooth and how she couldn’t blog without it. Get ready to immerse yourself in graphics, text overlays, and creating images that will bring eyes to your content!

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Session 3: Creating Sponsored Content That Doesn’t Feel Sponsored by Amy Fulcher

Do you want engaged readers who will share your content? Amy will teach you how to identify your blogging style by analyzing your most popular posts as well as how to create a full engaging and multi-media experience for your visitors. Find out if your readers are distracted from enjoying your content and discover ways to make your content highly shareable to increase engagement.

If you’re looking to increase your blog traffic, create more engaging and shareable content, generate images that pop, don’t wait too long to sign up. We recommend registering today – seats are limited.

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