Announcing Speakers and Sessions at Chicago

We are headed to the Windy City on July 9, 2016, for a day packed with learning. We cannot wait to dive into the following hands-on sessions with our speakers. Each has taught at SoFabU and is ready to expand upon the knowledge they shared in their SoFabU course.

Pinterest Analytics Unleashed by Becca Ludlum

Growing your Pinterest presence through using Pinterest Analytics, Rich Pins, and Best Practices is a foolproof way to maximize your Pinterest success. This hands-on class will walk you through the steps of optimizing your account by looking at board names and descriptions, cover images, your username, bio, and photo (yes! your photo makes a difference!). Once we’ve created a solid foundation for your account, we’ll talk about the different types of Rich Pins, your pinning (and repinning) strategy, and how to find out what your followers want to see from you. Images on Pinterest are key–we’ll provide a hands on tutorial for creating a beautiful pinnable image for your top three posts and making sure those pins are optimized with a great description that’s pulled right from your blog.

Megan T headshot

“The Perfect Post” Ultimate Blog Post Checklist by Megan Tenney

There is so much to remember when trying to create that perfect blog post. You can’t just type your heart out, add a blurry picture, and hit publish anymore! Now, to be competitive in the blogging world, you have to engage readers, take top-notch photos, attempt SEO, create enticing headlines, promote on a dozen social media networks, and so much more. Have you ever wanted to have all of this information in one place (preferably in your head)? Well, I’m not going to attempt inception, but I will provide you with a solid framework (and checklist!) of everything you need to do to create the perfect post, from coming up with a post idea to hitting publish and beyond!

Kirsten Thompson

Creating an Email Strategy That Converts by Kirsten Thompson

It’s impossible to create an effective email strategy without first creating a goal for your email list. In her session, Kirsten will guide bloggers as they set actionable goals for their email list, then create an effective strategy to help them achieve these goals. Bloggers will learn how to leverage their most popular posts and existing social media platforms to organically grow their list with their target audience, while also learning the value of an email series.

Our Chicago event is guaranteed to be a success with this lineup! We recommend registering today as seats are limited. If you can’t make it to Chicago, don’t worry, you can still attend one of our other events. 

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